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angularjs http cache expire

until the page refresh, according to this site here are the $cacheFactory specs Storage Javascript heap memory Eviction algorithm Least recently used (LRU) Time-to-live until page refresh Support for revalidation No Requires cooperation of remote server No Advertisements

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bootstrap not run

need to include it in the package, ie., first line in the bootstrap.groovy need to be “package xxx”

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json value (key:value) can not be function

JSON is purely meant to be a data description language. As noted on, it is a “lightweight data-interchange format.” – not a programming language. Per, the “basic types” supported are: Number (integer, real, or floating point) String (double-quoted … Continue reading

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semicolon after function

Semicolons after function declarations are not necessary. The grammar of a FunctionDeclaration is described in the specification as this: function Identifier ( FormalParameterListopt ) { FunctionBody } There’s no semicolon grammatically required, but might wonder why? Semicolons serve to separate … Continue reading

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how to beautify ui?

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ui theme

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ui translation

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