upgrade grails version

  • http://docs.grails.org/3.2.3/guide/gettingStarted.html#downloadingAndInstalling
    • download new grails and extract it
    • modify the env variable: GRAILS_HOME & path for new grails
    • go to the app
      • change the gradle.properties => grailsVersion & gradleWrapperVersion
      • change build.gradle =>
        • create a dummy app
        • get this file, compare it with the old file
        • update it with the difference
      • move BootStrap.groovy from grails-app/init to grails-app/init/appName/
    • ERROR grails.boot.config.tools.ClassPathScanner – The application defines a Groovy source using the default package. Please move all Groovy sources into a package.
      • run grails console
      • run following in the console to find out which doesn’t in package
        • ctx.grailsApplication.allClasses.findAll { !it.getPackage() }*.name
      • move them to package
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