change tool or not?

  • eventually need to change
    • according to the experience with drupal vs. wordpress
    • the earlier the better
    • more  community, more resource, more efficient
    • what if more advanced technology come again?
      • new tech will replace the old one eventually, that’s something need to do
      • new tech come because it’s good, it address the old problems
    • is it mature enough?
    • only thing is that impact to
    • how to handle the current need?
      • mobile is something pending, need a better way to address it
      • if not switch to reactjs now, then how to address the mobile need?
      • cordova is a choice, but it will be problem for old technology
      • ie. if not change to react now, then this project can not be done well
    • how mature it is now for react in mobile?
    • react
      • is the solution for mobile
      • is the fast solution for web
    • nodejs
      • is more popular than grails
      • performance is not bad
    • chuke
      • need it very soon
    • what can be reused?
      • data structure
      • algorithm
    •  approach
  • Fit one is the best one
    • what do I need for server side?
      • rest
      • performance
      • db
      • security
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