work in memory for …

  • memory area
    • method area – class
      • 类信息、常量、静态变量、编译器编译后的代码等数据
      • class structures such as the runtime constant pool, field and method data, the code for methods
    • heap – object
    • java stack – thread(stack frame)
      •  is 1 stack frame for 1 method call? => yes
      •  primitive data, reference to object)
    • native method stack
    • PC register
      • program counter register -> address of the instruction
      • point to the next instruction after the current instruction is fetched
      • each thread has it’s own PC register
  • how are those stored in memory?
    • each of them got a address?
  • class vs. instance
    • class loader just load the class definition?
  • new
  • assign value
  • call method
  • static class
  • static method
  • inheritance
  • polymophis
  • interface
  • abstract class
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