reactjs vs. angularjs

  • speed
    •  ng-repeat. When it comes to handling thousands of DOM rows, its wise to go for React than Angular 1
    • Virtual DOM” of ReactJS taking all the lime light. This is what makes React so popular. DOM operations are pretty expensive,when it comes to handling thousands of records or elements, React uses its powers like the Virtual DOM and smart diff Algorithm. I don’t wanna get into the details but the end result is superb. The web apps using react are fast and less juddery.
  • mobile
    • angularjs – ionic
    • react – nativejs, more popular and powerful
  • scaffolding & packaging
    • With React, you have this wonderful tool called webpack, very lucid and easy to use with features like code chunking and production environment compression etc, its makes it very easy to ship apps easily.
  • for react, need to use react+react template
  • react just in view layer
    • angularjs is a full framework
  • what react doesn’t do
    • An event system (other than vanilla DOM events)
      Any AJAX capabilities whatsoever
      Any form of a data layer
      Any application framework at all
      Any idea how implement the above
  • performance comparison
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