about shipping

  • key is to calculate the shipping fee
  • manage address
    • how to get all the province/city/district?
  • web service
    • to get price base on the from/to weight/size
    • to submit the shipping request
    • to retrieve the shipping status
    • shipping company tell system that the shipping is done
    • => use sample api or use stub for the testing
      • use soapUI?
      • do not need to spend lots of time for the real api
      • as not sure about which 1 will be selected and what fee to pay
  • does order status need to be modified once the user receive the product?
    • if so, what’s the api?
    • if not, how to calculate whether the money will be transferred to buyer or not?
      • the shipping company can invoke a web service to tell the system?
  • how to place shipping address change in the ui?
    • in the shopping cart UI?
      • clear
    • separate UI?
      • cons: the total price in cart UI not include shipping fee
      • pros: procedure is clear
    • reference
  • at which level of the location the shipping fee is calculated?
    • city?
    • district?
    • street?
    • => some are city level, some are district level
  • need a general shipping fee if the destination can not be found?
  • shipping company
    • city assign 1
    • store assign some => most likely
    • product specific
    • multi-shipping company
    • override mechanism
    • add override shipping company in the cart/shipping UI?
  • multi warehouse?
    • warehouse might not be owned by the store
    • 1 product can be in multi-store
    • possible that not all product in all the store
      • warehouse is product level
    • store warehouse
    • product warehouse
      • override store warehouse
  • multi-result from the price query
    • only for debang
    • not worthy it to do it for this specific company
  • still need to show the individual shipping fee if there are multiple products from 1 store?
    • 1 option is to show just the total shipping fee for that store
    • hard to put individual shipping fee
      • 1 option is to still show them as when ship individually
      • total shipping fee will be the actual one, also show the shipping fee saved
  • how to address shipping ticket?
    • it’s part of the cart/order
      • ie. cart/order ds need to contain it
      • it’s for order only, not for cart as the ticket is not generated yet in cart
    • is it single entry or array?
      • normally it’s single entry
  • todo
    • product ui
      • get the shipping unit price base on to_city
      • select the right warehouse as from_city
      • calculate shipping fee base on
        • customer’s city & the shipping unit price & product weight/size
    • cart/shipping ui
      • address change (enter address /select address)
        • check if the city/district changed or not, if changed
          • get the unit shipping price base on the new to_address
          • recalculate the shipping fee
      • change shipping company
        • get the new price
        • recalculate the shipping fee
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