how to handle the datetime/user

  • date time should be generated by system, otherwise
    • it doesn’t reflect the right date time
    • also hard to enter
  • same thing for user, otherwise people can use anyone’s id, there will be lots of trouble
  • how to handle them?
    • should be handled in the server side, if it’s generated from client side,
      • not accurate: clock for each client might not sync, can not get the right time
      • possible that client send fake time, out of control
    • how to make it easy in server side?
      • a method which will check if the date /user need to be populated by server or not
      • auto check the ds and decide?
        • the ds is just json, hard to figure out
      • use some convention for the field?
        • => possible
      • client pass some flag?
        • => need to update each controller?
      • others?
      • grails auto generate the field always?
        • no, create time stamp is 1 time
        • update can be each time
    • not to show the field in the ui => need some kinds of flag in the excel
    • include the field when submit the post request?
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