user friendly for HMSPs

  • Homepage
    • button to select template
      • select option or radio button
      • value change invoke the post, refresh to reload
    • button to create new template
      • scaf.createGmocTemplate
      • set type to homepage by default
      • conflict detection? for the future as the key is id?
    • for homepage, template = page?
    • button to edit page
      • just edit the content field? invoke the tinymce?
  • MSPs
    • button to select template
    • button to create new page
    • button to edit page
    • template = page?
  • Implementation
    • how to add the bar for button?
      • add button in the getTemplate return
      • check the user role first
    • what does the bar looks like?
      • edit
    • controller change?
      • a new controller
    • view change?
      • a new view
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