• all template use this as we want all the templates to be editable
    • for file with fixed name
      • this can also be done by load file and edit file, don’t have to go through the template ds
      • but it’s hard to manage the sc
      • => better use the current mechanism
  • what does it do?
    • return the right template that will be used
    • base on the input parameter
  • parameters vs. the return value
    • homepage: return homepage template
      • how to get the homepage template?
      • homepages/markets/stores/products=> use system value
      • normal user can only create store/product
      • sys user can create all
      • => default template table is not enough
    • for single market/store/product
      • get the owner user according to the id
        • is it too heavy to query multiple tables to get the uid?
      • search defaultTemplate with user + type
    • for homepage/markets/stores/products
      • there is no such kinds of ds
      • no id either
      • no way to find the user
      • auto set user to sys
      • search default template with user+type
      • need to add these types
      • routeProvider need to be consistent with this ?
        • anyway to automate it?
      • how to prevent normal user to use it?
    • shall the default template table for the store?
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