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about cart

what need to be considered? use id as key or user id as key? domain class will create id automatically not sure which id will be assigned to specific user user id is uniqueue 1 device have 1 cart? no, … Continue reading

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ui-sref parameter

need to make the parameter a map, ie. <a ui-sref=”%%type%%({})”>{{}}</a> no need {{}} for angularjs variable

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attention for automation

template not auto generated createHmspTemplate.html updateHmspTemplate user & date field to be auto populated, others will not be auto populated createBy createDate

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empty space

&ensp; — named after the “N” block of a printing press, the en space is about the width of two normal spaces &emsp; — the em space, roughly four normal spaces &nbsp;   /   <pre>  </pre>

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bs bar line are not together

check to see if new row has been created or not <div class=”row”>

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return map for criteria you can use import org.hibernate.criterion.CriteriaSpecification with withCriteria() to transform the result in a Collection object, with properties chosen by you only: import org.hibernate.criterion.CriteriaSpecification def criteria = User.withCriteria(){ resultTransformer CriteriaSpecification.ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP createAlias ‘personalData’, ‘p’ eq ‘id’, // …and so on, … Continue reading

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layout container row col pre-define col? use parameter to configure col? doable with the word replacement, but not wysiwyg for initial phase, may leave this as future enhancement fixed layout and let user to just use it or just provide … Continue reading

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