Page design with sc

  • how is controller handled?
    • just use the controller defined in the route provider?
    • should be fine, as angularjs add it automatically
  • which kinds of page to create?
    • homepage
    • market
    • store
    • product
    • user dashboard
    • basket
    • shipping page
    • payment page
    • returning page
  • link the page to menu?
    • yes for homepage
    • for market/store/product, the menu will be a overall menu for all market/store/product
    • for each individual market/store/product, a controller will be used to display it, no menu is linked to individual market/store/product
    • dashboard page link to the menu/submenu
    • basket/sc link to the menu
    • shipping page not link to menu, as it will be there at certain steps automatically
    • payment page not link to menu, it will be there at certain step
  • which kinds of sc to create for each page?
    • auto generate all sc based on ds?
      • some field is not needed
    • will sc for other domain class to be used?
  • create them manually or use bootstrap script?
    • bootstrap script will be better, especially for the debugging phase
  • only show the sc for that page instead of all the sc?
    • yes, for long term
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