Todo – UI

=== todo ===

  • server to validate the price for submitOrder/updateCart …
  • use local storage for # of item in cart
  • anonymous purchase
  • minimize the js
  •  cache
    • use etag, cache-control for js, template etc.
  • change the icon for the star, ie. do not use ng-repeat, just create 9 icon for different levels
  • product star vs. comments star
  • for product price
    • calculated price base on attribute/discount vs. the initial default price
    • total price field? or make it in cart?
    • client do pricing vs. server do pricing?
  • for discount
    • valid the js code first and then run it
  • return limited # of comments when get a product
  • issue when change the browser width
  • product picture (multiple picture showing box)
  • product filter
  • search algorithm
  • create most SCs
  • fix the select options in edit page when the property is another domain class
  • shopping cart
  • payment api
  • shipping
  • mobile app
  • user management
  • update spreadsheet for service & controller/css change for file upload
  • use templateUrl to load the dynamic template instead of using templateProvider
  • template to icon functionality -> auto create icon for the template
  • fix the table header icon issue in the page
  • replace the url start with http://localhost… in all controllers with the right url for all
  • edit button for admin in the show page (homepage/market/product…) to edit it
  • select template button in the show page (homepage/market/store/product) to select the template
  • limit the post/update of all pages to the user with the right privilege
  • customize the admin page for different kinds of user
  • add edit content/edit template / select template button in get1Msp page
  • add sc for list of market/store/product and the align direction, max # etc.
  • address the empty select option issue in create/edit page
  • design for the product sc
  • flag to control whether to use same template for all market/store
  • update sample for the page
  • tinyMce
    • not able to use shortcode in source code mode
    • not able to parse bootstrap info and show it

=== done ===

  • not able to navigate to other menu when token expired when in mgmt page
  • when display price, check to see if the original price is greate than current price or not, then decide whether to display the original price
  • auto generate file upload stuff for image field
  • update route provider for homepage/market/store/product based on the template
  • file upload
  • edit template button to edit the template in the page for admin
  • add header for rest when header is available, otherwise just leave it empty
  • tinyMce
      • ng-repeat will be removed when switch from source mode to html mode
  • updateHmsp
    • update the cancel button
    • move the save/cancel button to top

=== long term ===

  • tinymce
    • add button to show html view including parsed sc
    • extend text area to more than 1 in 1 page
    • only show the sc which could be used for certain page + the common sc, instead of all the sc
  • short code
    • recursive validation,
    • limit the short code level to 5, ie. sc1 ->sc2 ->sc3->sc4 ->sc5, maximum no more than 5 level
  • for file upload
    • add progress bar
    • add thumbnail creation
    • change the max file size
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