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Angular/jquery chosen

jquery chosen -> angular chosen -> demo page: have to use variable in options? will the normal option work? what happen why both “option” & “ng-option” present together? is the jquery script needed for the select? is “<select chosen” mandatory? … Continue reading

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Controller for page from customized template

list of page home page market store product need to add page type in the template domain class need to add template id in market/store/product, to identify the template to be used need to add page type to sc record, … Continue reading

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Page design with sc

how is controller handled? just use the controller defined in the route provider? should be fine, as angularjs add it automatically which kinds of page to create? homepage market store product user dashboard basket shipping page payment page returning page … Continue reading

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File upload design

define $scope.files as model in the tag -> tell system that the files selected/draged will apply to this variable use $watch to monitor the change of files, invoke uploadFile.upload() function whenever it’s changed fill in the corresponding parameters in the function … Continue reading

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angular file upload The Service var upload = Upload.upload({ *url: ‘server/upload/url’, // upload.php script, node.js route, or servlet url /* Specify the file and optional data to be sent to the server. Each field including nested objects will be sent as a … Continue reading

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mobile-app framework

cordova lonic angularjs jquery mobile

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Todo – UI

=== todo === server to validate the price for submitOrder/updateCart … use local storage for # of item in cart anonymous purchase minimize the js  cache use etag, cache-control for js, template etc. change the icon for the star, ie. … Continue reading

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