debug grails

=== print log in debug mode ==={k,v-> println “===${k}:${v}\n”}

use ggts

  • select grails version
    • windows -> preference -> search grails -> add
  • special for grails 3.0.x
    • need to create file under the grails 3.0.x installation folder and add 1 line there: grails.version=3.0.11, otherwise can not add 3.0.x
  • install gradle plugin to eclipse
  • import gradle project to eclipse
  • install groovy 2.4 compiler feature
    • use
  • install spring ide core
  • create debug configuration under spring boot app
    • select the app
    • enable debug output

ie. all the plugin to be installed in eclipse

Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle  1.0.11.v20160328-1759 Eclipse Buildship
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers epp.package.jee null
Groovy Compiler 2.4 Feature 2.9.2.xx-201603042130-e45
Groovy-Eclipse Feature  2.9.2.xx-201603042130-e45
Spring IDE Core (required)   Spring IDE Developers
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